Adult Services

We offer a variety of care to clients, Non- Skilled and Skilled services so we can satisfy your needs.

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Skilled Nursing Care

Our pediatrics staff at Wellness Home Health Care is made up of specialists trained to work with children and their families, providing assessment, treatment, education and social support.

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Non-Skilled Care

Wellness Home Health Care can provide Non-Skilled Care that is compassionate and has just as much structure as our other skilled care programs. With the same high quality we impose on all our services.

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Community Outreach & Development

The CPR for Bowie training course covers infant, child and adult CPR, as well as AED. The classes are full of hands-on practice, information, and we allow time for questions and answers. In addition to learning CPR skills, the instructors strive to make the evening entertaining and fun.

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Professional Development

Wellness Home Health Care participates in the community’s advancement in terms of promoting professionals to excel and set the bar high for quality in home care, personal care and skilled nursing care.

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